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The Hocking Hills Region of Ohio has been inhabited for centuries. More than a hundred and fifty years ago, so many small towns cropped up around the fast-growing iron and railroad industries in the region that the area would give Columbus and Cincinnati's 21st century urban sprawl a run for its money.

But the railroads left and the industry is gone. Little remains of the existence of those from Hocking Hills' spirited past except a few scattered towns, dilapidated skeletons of iron furnaces, abandoned train tracks and a few rock foundations hidden in the weeds.

Well, and a few ghosts. In fact, there are some folks who swear the Hocking Hills region is covered with ghosts of the past still lurking around.  But who are we to say. You're probably a skeptic anyway. But maybe they can convince you it's true. If not, come for a visit and dare to find out for yourself.

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