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With a melodious name like Fairport Harbor, you wouldn't think there would be any bloodcurdling ghosties or goulies creeping up out of the Lake Erie waters into this small town. The town is as peaceful and cozy as the name implies. Of course, isn't that always the case for every horror movie playing out along a coastline? You have a pretty, little village with friendly people and snug little harbor to boot, and in comes a fog or zombies or some other spirit to shake things up a bit.


Well, Fairport Harbor may have a ghost. But it isn't going to do much more than give you a gentle startling while you peruse the lighthouse and museum. It seems the thing creeping around in the dark is smaller than you might think.

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse  ohio

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse


During the early half of the nineteenth century, 120 miles of southern shoreline of Lake Erie attracted settlers making their way to Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states. One of the places many of the cargo ships stopped for restocking was the busy Fairport Harbor along the mouth of the Grand River.

 The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse was built on the west pier of bricks in 1825 to guard this gateway of new opportunities along the coast. Samuel Butler was the first keeper of Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and was an active abolitionist. Not only was it a safety harbor for those ships traveling along the shoreline, it also provided sanctuary for slaves making their way to Canada before and during the civil war. But, by 1868, the lighthouse was falling into ruin. It was rebuilt in 1870.

 It was not until August of 1871, when Captain Joseph Babcock came to be head keeper of the lighthouse, the ghost story comes to life. During this time of Captain Joseph Babcock's term, his wife and family kept several cats in the living quarters which is now the museum. Missus Babcock was ill for some time and found great comfort in the cats'  presence. For years, volunteers and curators at the museum have seen what they described as a ghostly cat playing in the museum. Whether others believed the story or not, it was difficult to deny there might be some truth to the story - during the installation of a new air conditioning system, the mummified remains of a cat was discovered between the walls. For how long it has been there, remains a mystery.  It is believed to be one of the cats from the previous residents of the lighthouse!



Not every lighthouse can boast they have the mummified remains of their ghost! And it is a sure-hit with the kids. . . and adults too.


Harbor Lighthouse Ghost


You can take a stairway to the top of the lighthouse.