Haunted Rose Lake


Here is some of the evidence we pulled from the Haunted Hocking - Rose Lake program. It can be easy to fall prey to the longing to find the unknown. Regardless of the number of people crowded in a room in the dark, shadows can become apparitions and bangs of boots against floors becoming ghostly pounds of fists against doors.

Many eerie things can be explained by dust in the camera lens, flashlight glares or even sounds of owls howling echoing off walls of buildings. Bugs can fly across the camera as the flash goes off, leaving an orb-like ball floating across the picture. Temperature can fluctuate quite rapidly outdoors-especially in the cooler evening hours around thick woodlands like those at Old Man's Cave- thermometers used to detect change in temperature can show high jumps simply due to a current of wind blowing cool air out of one of the recess caves!

But bugs, woods and owls aside, what we present to you is information collected during our investigations. Discover things that go bump in the night in the Hocking Hills. Some can be explained. Others cannot. Take a close look at the evidence.  Debunk it if you want. Believe it if you will. Regardless, we can tell you there are many visitors to the park who will tell you there have been unexplained occurrences that happened to them.

Whether you are skeptical or not, take a moment to explore the unknown of the natural world of the Hocking Hills- a place where some folks believe that the natural and the supernatural world collide!

Take a listen to the clip on the right hand side of the page. The HIT Team and guests got some ghostly cries on tape!

Orb-like ball on picture-explained as lightening bugs over lake (mist is fog):

Orbs are thought to be energy occurring and are said to appear like a cottonball with a small tail flitting across a picture and some of which could be paranormal activity. However, when the flash from a camera hits a bug, it can bounce off the bug's body making it appear like an orb to the viewer. These are bugs flying across the lake.

orb-like ball on picture-unexplained:

We couldn't quite explain this one. It is fuller than the other orbs which were easy to identify as either the flash of the camera bouncing off dust and/or bugs.



Vortices are thought to indicate paranormal activity. They tend to show up in areas with higher paranormal activity, but are also a form of energy occurring naturally in the air. They can also be explained as the strap of a camera flitting or clothing across the lens.

Our EMF (Electromagnetic Field Detector) provides both audio sound and a large flashing light which corresponds to field strength. It reads fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. Positive EMF readings are said to occur where there is high electromagnetic fields like powerlines, appliances, a wall outlet and any type of electronics. . .and also paranormal activity. Spirits are said to be some form of energy and EMF detectors can track this energy. It is very important to note any kind of electronics as it will give a positive reading. If a power source cannot be traced and a high reading is found, this may note some sort of unexplained activity. A reading of 1.0 to 8.0 that can't be tracked could show signs of paranormal activity. (Standing about a foot away from a tv set gets a reading of .4. Placing the sensor about a foot away from a computer monitor gets about a .1)  We received a reading that topped 1.0 in a deserted area on the far side of the lake where there is no electric found.

We found little identifiable thermometer changes in temperature other than the natural ebb and flows around the lake and above the recess cave. Dousing rods (rods held out in hands which are said to cross on their own when paranormal activity is


The "Dousing Rod" was also used to find water in early Appalachia. It is said that the rods pick up both the electrostatic energy of the holder and water. If you hold a rod in each hand about 12" apart and walk forward - the rods are said to cross when you pass over water or to find supernatural phenomenon. Dousing rods were used near the lake and the movement was justified as the nearby lake.